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finEDge Facts


finEDge is a single-semester financial education program designed to prepare students to navigate financial decisions with confidence and develop fundamental financial attitudes and behaviors.


The program is taught in high schools by consumer education, business, economics, social science, social studies, and financial algebra teachers.


Utilizing the finEDge team’s expertise in learning science, curriculum design, digital tool development, assessment, and experience with schools and districts, finEDge is engineered to teach students what they need to know and do in the ways they best learn.


finEDge is comprised of seven modules: Financial Decision-Making in Context, Saving and Spending, Borrowing, Earning, Investing, Managing Risk, and Financing Post-Secondary Education.

Reflects Diverse Contexts

finEDge responsibly acknowledges and addresses the range of financial learners’ realities and the economic environments students inhabit, including systemic barriers and inequalities.


finEDge offers 79 lessons with rich project and assessment lessons embedded within all modules. Students use scenarios, simulations, and role play to apply content knowledge and practice financial decision-making in realistic contexts.

Field Tested

The finEDge team partnered with 38 teachers in 76 classrooms in seven states to field test with almost 2,000 students. The program was revised based on teacher and student feedback.


All teachers receive professional development, including an online course to improve teacher content knowledge and confidence as well as webinars and in-person professional development.

Beyond the Classroom

Homework extends learning beyond the classroom and includes discussions with parents and/or other trusted adults.


finEDge is the result of a partnership between UChicago STEM Education and the Magnetar Capital Foundation.