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Curriculum Design

“One thing that sets us apart is our engineering approach to curriculum design. We design, test, and revise – and then repeat. This iterative process is essential to designing the best possible tools for teachers and students.”

Our Approach

finEDge taps into the scholarly approach and expertise of UChicago STEM Education to build its materials and services.

Our development process includes:

  • Rigorous financial education research to ensure the curriculum is evidence-based;
  • Collaborations with experts and practitioners in the field;
  • Partnerships with teachers to iterate and field test the curriculum;
  • Decades of experience in curriculum development, learning science, professional development and content inform the curriculum design.
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Research and Development Blogs

Our blogs provide a behind-the-scenes look at the evidence and expertise that grounds the new curriculum, describing the research, development, and feedback process that we use to develop this first-of-its-kind curriculum.

Our R&D Story: Part 1

Our R&D Story: Part 1

July 1st marked 1.5 years of the Magnetar Capital UChicago Financial Education Initiative (MCUFEI). The MCUFEI team is thrilled with our progress this past year, which included: expanding Magnetar Academy to 66 schools, creating an online Professional Learning Course...

Our R&D Story: Part 2

Our R&D Story: Part 2

In our inaugural blog post, we offered a peek into the extensive research process that prefaces the writing of our new curriculum. We’re pleased to report that since our first blog post, the MCUCFEI team has officially started sketching out the new curriculum!

Our R&D Story: Part 3

Our R&D Story: Part 3

One thing that sets the Magnetar Capital UChicago Financial Education Initiative apart is our engineering approach to curriculum design. We design, test, and revise---and then repeat. While this is grueling (and humbling!), we believe this iterative process is essential to designing...

White Paper Research

In designing and developing finEDge, the team first conducted literature reviews on numerous topics related to high school financial education, including major financial domains and pedagogical issues related to high school teaching and behavioral change. The team wrote white papers on each topic, which included a summary of the research and related recommendations for the design of the finEDge curriculum and professional development supports. These white papers guided the initial development of the curriculum, while field-testing and external expert review of the curriculum were used to refine the initial version.

The links below provide an overview of the scholarly resources analyzed for each white paper topic. Many other scholarly resources that emerged after the white paper period were shared within the team and incorporated into the development process.

Translating Research Into Practice

Creating high-quality financial education requires translating research findings into design principles and practical solutions.

Financial decision learning chart

To determine how people should be taught a subject matter, one must first understand how people learn it. This summarizes the team’s theory of how people, in general, learn to make financial decisions.

Theory of How People Learn To Make Financial Decisions