Instuctor with students

and Results

Our FocusBuilding Foundations for Lifelong Financial Well-Being

finEDge utilizes research to:

Develop students’

  • Content knowledge
  • Decision-making competencies
  • Productive financial attitudes and behaviors

Strengthen teachers’

  • Content knowledge
  • Confidence
Teacher and two boys in front of laptops


Continuous program improvement is a core aspect of the finEDge approach. While writing and field-testing the finEDge materials, the finEDge team collected data on student and teacher knowledge and attitudes related to finance. These data were used to improve the materials during the development process. Relevant data are reported below, representing preliminary findings from this research conducted during initial field-testing of the materials.
These data were a first step in the program improvement process. While the program was being pilot-tested in Winter/Spring 2019, it underwent an external evaluation by Logos Consulting Group, which provided more data on its effectiveness. Once the program has been fully released for a few years, the finEDge team plans to seek out an external evaluation group to conduct a randomized trial of its effectiveness versus other financial education programs. Please check back here for updates.

Research Proven Results

As part of our research process, the UChicago team engaged an external evaluator, Logos Consulting Group, to conduct an independent evaluation of finEDge. The evaluation was completed during the second semester of the 2019–20 school year and involved over 600 students in 25 high schools across the country.

Based on these external evaluation results, we know students who use finEDge develop an increased depth of financial literacy knowledge and experience positive changes in attitudes and behaviors.

This independent evaluation is another vital step in the program improvement process. Our iterative cycle of development is based on extensive research, testing in the field, and detailed external evaluation. We remain committed to ensuring that our materials are research-based and pedagogically sound, and meet the needs of teachers and students.

finEDge’s distinctive approach to curriculum development is only made possible by the willingness of teachers and students to participate in field tests and invite us into their classrooms to observe the program in action. Information gathered in these ways, in addition to the testimonies collected from surveys and focus groups, is invaluable.