The Initiative

Moving the Field of Financial Education Forward

The goal of the Magnetar Capital UChicago Financial Education Initiative is to move the field of financial education forward. We studied the field closely and determined gaps exist.

Financial education needs to be approached with the same rigor with which we approach other core subjects.

Based on our group’s expertise, as well as its experience with schools and districts, we believe a comprehensive approach to improving financial education is essential.

Program Pillars

High-quality instructional materials are needed to financially empower students. finEDge is relevant, rigorous, research-based, and responsive to dynamic changes in the financial world and to on-the-ground engagement with teachers and students.
Good teaching is essential to program implementation. The program includes: face-to-face professional development sessions; a five-hour, online financial education professional learning course; and online webinars.
Every high school student should receive high-quality financial education in school. The team works with local and national leaders to advocate for single-semester, in-school implementation of financial education coursework.
Materials should be grounded in a solid body of research based on what students should know and how they learn best. The finEDge research and development process includes: research to ensure the curriculum is evidence-based; iterating and field testing the curriculum; utlizing our team of experts.
Partnerships help advance the field of financial education. The Initiative engages with education and personal finance stakeholders, collaborates with experts and practitioners in the field, and establishes close partnerships with teachers.